How Sustainer Homes builds sustainable, modular homes

A third of the world’s CO2 emissions come from new buildings. But they don’t have to. The choices we make today impact how our world will look 50 years from now. We don’t have to compromise to live sustainably. We just have to be serious about the choices we make. Sustainer Homes uses clever design and innovative technology to solve the problem of building sustainable for both you and the world.

Sustainer Homes builds houses and offices based on an innovative wooden module that is easy to make and customise, but built to last. Whether you want an off grid sustainable bungalow or holiday home, or a full size office in a repurposed warehouse, we can make it happen without compromising the world or your bottom line.

How we build sustainable

Basically, every home built through traditional means is a missed opportunity.

We started by rethinking the way buildings are build with our end goal in mind: truly sustainable construction. A building that stores rather than emits CO2, a building that is sustainable to live in, to work in, without compromising comfort, affordability or style. A building that can last a lifetime — our earth’s lifetime.We chose wood from Finnish pine trees as a starting point. Wood is both a storage of CO2 as well as a sturdy, but flexible building block for construction. Through the process of lamination we get a layered piece of wood from which we can cut and mill any shape we want.

The interior of a sustainer home

The shapes are automatically generated and optimised by our design program so we lose as little material as possible and cut by a computer-controlled milling machine. The pieces can then be assembled and constructed in a warehouse —no frost or rain. When all is set and done the modules can be transported to location and the whole house can be put together like lego-pieces.


Sustainer Homes is currently only available in the Netherlands. They are geared towards the Dutch climate and comply with the Dutch building code. Are you interested in hearing more about our work and getting updates on international expansion? Follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram for updates and pretty pictures. 

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